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Tanning Services

You can find many wonderful benefits using our tanning beds.

In order to help serve your every need, our state of the art tanning bed is available for your use at reduced rates for members.

Industry standard

Our equipment, bed, and bulbs meet the highest safety requirement for industry standards.


While overuse can be harmful, moderate tanning may have the following benefits:

Some Safety Guidelines:

Sustaining such movements in water gives your cardiovascular and respiratory systems a workout while toning and strengthening your muscles.

Some Safety Guidelines:

  • Always wear protective eyewear.
  • Follow the medication guidlines listed in each room.
  • Build your tan gradually. Avoid quick and deep tanning in just a few sessions.
  • DO NOT tan more than once a day. A few weekly sessions should meet your needs.


If you have questions about what class may be of benefit to you, see the personal training staff or any member of our aerobic team for suggestions.

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